Who Is Anthony Stephens?

The Life and Death of a College Grad

Character List/Descriptions

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Main Characters

Anthony Stephens

– Subject of investigation. Former college student turned fugitive. Also exists under the alias Les Palmer.

Earl Bishop

– Best friend of Anthony Stephens and second major player in investigation. Missing since 2008.

Catherine D’Amico

– Initial witness to the events surrounding Anthony Stephens’ death, as well as his former girlfriend and mother of his child.

Wayne “Classic” Price

– Secondary witness to the events concerning Anthony Stephens, and the cousin of Earl Bishop. Resides in New York, self-proclaimed gangster.

Supporting Characters (Alphabetical Order By Last Name)

Graham Baker

– Private investigator and bounty hunter in Jacksonville, FL. Consultant for investigation.

Francine Bella

– Manager at Palm Trails Motel, where Anthony Stephens lived during the year preceding his death.

James Bennett

– Detective with the Leon County Police Department and the arresting officer in the case against Earl Bishop, though he was subsequently suspended due to extenuating circumstances.

Frank Doucoure

– General manager of a Key Foods Grocery Store in Queens, New York, where Earl Bishop was an employee for fifteen days before violating his parole.

Rose Flagler

– Owner of Flagler Bed and Breakfast in St. Augustine, FL, where Anthony Stephens is believed to have stayed for one night on his way down to Boca Raton.

Det. William Fletcher

– Former officer in Boca Raton and head of the very brief investigation into Anthony Stephens a.k.a. Les Palmer’s death.

Nicholas Freeman

– Property manager of Forest Grove Apartments, the complex Anthony Stephens resided at during his time in Tallahassee.

Jarvis Glassner

– Fire investigator with the Tallahassee Fire Department, on the scene during the investigation of the fire allegedly started by Earl Bishop and Anthony Stephens.

Jesus Hernandez

– Probation officer in Queens, New York, and the assigned P.O. to Earl upon his release from prison.

Robert Hill

– Resident of Tallahassee and primary witness in the arson case against Earl Bishop.

Jeff Kinsey

– Cab driver in Boca Raton who took Anthony Stephens home from his showing the night of his death.

David Lerner

– Backup shooting guard for the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic basketball team, and the neighbor of Earl Bishop during his time at Florida State University.

Dr. Aileen Parks

– Former Executive Director of the Financial Aid Department at University of North Florida, currently teaching graduate courses in the Political Science department. Consultant regarding the current state of the U.S. college system, a relevant area of expertise for the investigation.

Dr. Timothy Reynolds

– Pathologist at Leon County Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, performed the autopsy on the John and Jane Doe recovered in the abandoned Old Bainbridge home allegedly burned down by Earl Bishop on May 11, 2008.

Martin Schumacher

– Student at Florida State University and a neighbor of Anthony Stephens during his time in medical school.

Dr. Jeffrey Silver

– Anthony Stephens’ former psychiatrist.

Samuel Silverstein

-Partner at the Manhattan, New York law firm Morton, Schuster, and Silverstein, and formerly a public service attorney in Leon County where he was the defense lawyer in Earl Bishop’s trial.

Felicia Veicht

– Owner of Veicht Studio in Boca Raton, aunt of Catherine D’Amico, and the promoter of Anthony’s (a.k.a. Les Palmer’s) art exhibition the night of his death.

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June 19, 2012 at 2:15 pm

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