Who Is Anthony Stephens?

The Life and Death of a College Grad


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Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Silver

Who Is Anthony Stephens?

Dr. Jeffrey Silver is Anthony Stephens’ former psychiatrist. A native of London, he received his undergraduate degree from Cambridge University, at which point he migrated to the United States to complete his residency at John Hopkins University. Dr. Silver currently works out of Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida, where he was recently promoted to head of the psychiatric ward.

26 June 2011

– Ah, yes. Anthony. How is he?

– Dead? That’s…tragic. I’m sorry to hear.

– Yes, yes. But I must inform you, I cannot answer anything that violates doctor-patient privacy.

– Yes. I’m terribly sorry to hear about his demise. And yet, still…

– Anthony came a long way before he left for college.

– I said no such thing. I said he came a long way.

– I understand, it is vague for a reason. As I’ve said, I cannot violate doctor-patient privilege.

– I did not say that either.

– Sir, I’d quite like it if you didn’t try to out-psyche a psychiatrist. It’s a bit of an insult.

– I would tell you to ask him yourself but, as you’ve just informed me, he’s dead. Therefore, all I can say is I’m sorry, but I can’t help you any further. If that is all though, I must be going. I have patients to attend to.

– It’s been a pleasure.


Interview with Dr. Aileen Parks: Part 1

Who Is Anthony Stephens?

Dr. Aileen Parks is formerly the Executive Director of the Financial Aid Department at University of North Florida, currently teaching graduate courses in the Political Science department. A petite but forceful looking woman in her mid forties, Dr. Parks has an air of prestige that surrounds her like a cloud. Dr. Parks has agreed to be a consultant regarding the current state of the U.S. college system, a relevant area of expertise for the current investigation.

16 July 2011

– Of course. A tricky subject, the inner workings of the financial market known commonly as the post-secondary education industry.

[Dr. Parks gives a smug grin] Yes, financial market, that’s no slip of the tongue. Universities are and have been, for a fairly long time now, an industrial market no different than, say, the car or computer industry. Make no mistake, post-secondary educational institutions are businesses. Businesses operating under the mask of public service.

– Well, that all depends on what aspect of education financing you’re speaking of. For example, and according to recent studies, majority of bachelor’s degree recipients walk across that graduation stage with over $25,000 dollars in student loans, the average debt for graduates not pursuing a post-bachelor’s degree. This is money that is necessary to fund the ever-increasing costs of their college education.

– It sounds like an insignificant amount in the long-term scheme of things, so I’ll put that number in perspective: the average loan terms put repayment as taking place over a period of 120 months—or ten years. With current federal loan interest rates as high as 6.8%—private loan interest rates are much higher—and a total loan amount at the average stated of $25,000, the lowest a typical bachelor’s degree recipient can expect to be financially liable for are payments of around $270 a month for the next ten years of their post-collegiate life. This is a low-end figure. These graduates will eventually pay out an average total of $32,000, including $9,000 in interest alone, strictly for federal loans. Private loans are an even more aggressive breed, coming in at sometimes quadruple that amount.

– Yes. That’s the average. That includes all students in the college system, includes the students receiving full paid scholarships, includes the student’s whose parents are poor enough to meet the requirements to receive financial assistance that they don’t have to pay back. And anybody familiar with mean—or average—calculations knows that introducing a zero value into the numerator and adding a one to the denominator drastically changes the resulting value of the average. Some students are lucky enough to have none or lower-than-average debt coming out of a four year public or private university. Most are not.


Interview with Wayne “Classic” Price: Part 3

11 July 2011

– What happened to Earl? Tony happened to Earl, that’s what. Came at my cousin like a straight bitch, bruh. Straight bitch.

– Man, please, Tony just a bitch. He ain’t have no problem but hisself. Straight up, just a weak ass, pussy ass little bitch who got a taste a some punanny[1] and lost his goddamn mind.

– Whose name?

– The bitch Tony did all this over? Louise.

– Yeah. Earl told me ‘bout Tony and Louise. This nigga Tony came ‘round Earl’s crib with all this bullshit ‘bout how Louise done fucked his life up, how this trick[2] done got all up in his head then left his ass dry. I’ll never get that shit, son. But it just be happenin’ like that sometimes, know what I’m sayin’?

– The pussy, man. Government be talkin’ ‘bout war on drugs and shit [Mr. Price chuckles] Need to be a war on pussy, bruh. That shit right there—that’s some addictive shit for yo’ ass. Niggas like Tony Stephens, they get a ounce a punanny and they be fiendin’ for more, son. After just one hit they start actin’ like pussy’s platinum or somethin’, like they walkin’ up in Jake’s and coppin’ the whole spot with just that little piece a ass. Problem with niggas like that though…they act like its straight up dope for real, like supply runnin’ out. Like there ain’t enough pussy out there for every brother on this planet to get they fuck on, twice.

– Yeah, man. Earl told me all ‘bout Tony and Louise. ‘Bout Tony’s [Mr. Price kisses his teeth and sneers] women problems.

– Tony weren’t nothin’ but product to that bitch.[3] She left his ass for the next dick and he damn near lost his mind, ‘cause he ain’t got no game, bruh. Nigga’s game was weak, son.

– What got me was—hear this, Earl told me all ‘bout this shit—Tony’s fucking this bitch for a hot minute, right? And, all a sudden, one day he walk up in Louise’s crib to get him a piece and she all decked out in her hoochie gear ‘bout to hit the club, tellin’ Tony he ain’t allowed to come over no mo’, know what I’m sayin’?

– She done, bruh. This trick been done with Tony for days and he still standin’ there with his hands out like a crackhead beggin’ change, and Louise tellin’ him straight up: you been locked out the punanny. No mo’ pussy, nigga. None a them middle-a-the-afternoon fuck sessions, no mo’ whisperin’ on the phone, gigglin’ and talkin’ ‘bout what y’all goin’ do to each other. Nothin’. She says to Tony, she got another nigga now, says she won’t be needin’ Tony’s dick-down services no mo’, know what I’m sayin’? [Wayne laughs for a few seconds] Way Earl told me too, son, this trick Louise, she left Tony, but she ain’t leave him for just any old nigga neither. Naw, son. Tony came at Earl and told him Louise was standin’ there in her finest gold-diggin’ gear, and she tells Tony her new nigga ain’t actually new. Tells Tony, straight up, she got a fiancé bruh. Been had a nigga she was ‘bout to marry. Two years they been engaged, since before she even met this muhfucka Tony. Tony been her side project, know what I’m sayin’? And she don’t want his ass no mo’ ‘cause she going back to her main nigga. Ain’t that some shit? Triflin’, bruh. Triflin’.

[1] “Punanny”: a slang term (originating in the West Indies) referring to female genitalia.

[2] Derogatory term that can mean both a promiscuous woman as well as men that have intercourse with prostitutes. In this instance, Mr. Price is using the word in the former meaning, as opposed to the latter.

[3] In context, Wayne’s use of “product” refers to the economic term for items bought and sold. It is used here as a derogatory term, implying that Anthony Stephens was nothing more than a possession, rather than a living, breathing human being.


Interview with Catherine D’Amico: Part 4

24 June 2011

[Ms. D’Amico becomes increasingly agitated at the repeated mentioning of Earl Bishop’s name] I’ll tell you what his goddamn part in all this was, the son of a—

– Alright, I can understand some things. I really can. But Tony went to Earl for help because he was lost, okay? Floundering. He’d just gotten kicked out of med school for his grades, his student loan payments were about to kick in and, topping it all off, that bitch Louise left him. Just one more problem added to the heap of accumulated shit he already had piled up around him. No close family, no girlfriend, no friends besides Earl.

– Wouldn’t you consider that lost?

– Have you ever hit rock bottom?

– What type of things would you do to be happy? I bet you’d say there’s a lot, right? Most people think they’d do anything, no problem, but they’re usually too chicken shit to go through with any of it. That’s exactly what it is. Most people would look down at Tony and say he did what he did because he’s a coward or whatever, but they’d only say that because they could never do what he did. Because he did something that went completely against mainstream society. Because he didn’t roll over and play the good little debt ridden and miserable college graduate the way people expected him to. Who says it’s not okay to just start over? Who made that decision?

– Most people believe with all their heart that all they want is happiness, but everybody has their limits. Tony just didn’t see prolonged misery as an option.


Transcript of Spring 2008 Florida State University Graduation Pamphlet

Florida State University

-Page 13-

2008 Candidates for Degrees

Bachelor of Science (continued)

Carol Justine Allen Godfrey, Illinois Electrical Engineering

Oliver Jonathan Allern Willits, California Chemistry

Mark Jonathan Arnold* Arlington, Virginia Physics

Nell Jessica Arnold† New City, New York Astrophysics

Anne Natalie Austin Fort Worth, Texas Mechanical Engineering and Control and Dynamical Systems (Minor)

Earl Joseph Bishop† Queens, New York Biology

Randall David Barton* Arlington Heights, Illinois Independent Studies Program

Alexandra Natalie Becer Corona, California Mechanical Engineering

Arthur Brandt Belston* Media, Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics and Management

Luis Juan Benitez† Fallbrook, California Mechanical Engineering

Keith Ryan Borner Long Beach, California Physics

Chantae Elette Boyre* Yamhill, Oregon Mathematics

Nicole Amanda Bozovih* La Habra Heights, California Applied Physics

Catherine Breeder* Piedmont, California Computer Science and History (Minor)

Stewie Burgose* Huntington Park, California Applied Physics

Hajime Richard Carsoll Pasadena, California Chemistry

Garvey Devin Chan* Tucson, Arizona Engineering and Applied Science (Aeronautics)

Hans Mitchell Chan* San Carlos, California Physics

Nick Chan* Austin, Texas Engineering and Applied Science (Environmental Science and Engineering)

Sheila Chang Richardson, Texas Chemistry

Weijane Audrey Chang* Palos Verdes, California Biology

Anthony Bueller Chen* Foster City, California Applied and Computational Mathematics

Devin Chen* Saratoga, California Chemical Engineering (Biomolecular)

Stephan Cheng† Chico, California Mechanical Engineering

Michel Chin* Upland, California Physics

* Students whose names are followed by an asterisk are being graduated with honor in accordance

with a vote of the faculty.

Students whose names are followed by a dagger are close to completion and will receive diplomas

when all graduation requirements are met.

Florida State University

-Page 26-

2008 Candidates for Degrees

Bachelor of Arts (continued)

Devin Romeo Miami, Florida English and Film Studies (Minor)

Matthew David Rose* Torrance, California Mathematics and Control and Dynamical Systems (Minor)

James Christopher Schintz Missoula, Montana Communications

Andrew Cale Schull Buffalo, New York Computer Science

Wyatt Jin Seitel Tucson, Arizona Economics

Webster Shao Lancaster, Pennsylvania Communications

Tania Shativa* Highland Park, New Jersey Chemical Engineering (Biomolecular)

Jang Shen* Maitland, Florida Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics and Management

Jim Shen* Gaithersburg, Maryland Film Studies

Audrey Shih* Yorba Linda, California Chemistry

Alexis Siegel* La Cañada, California English and Psychology (Minor)

Anthony Lexor Son Fayetteville, Arkansas Film Studies

Devon Torre Spin Chadron, Nebraska History

Anthony Roland Stephens Miami, Florida Psychology

Ann Elisa Stoke* Provo, Utah Physics

Adriana Ren Stroupe Sandy Springs, Georgia Engineering and Applied Science (Aeronautics)

Patricia Subtorn* Phitsanulok, Thailand Biology and Computer Science

Sheena Depe Surdyle Rochester, New York Business Economics

Valeria Sverson Fresno, California Geology

Natalia Jenna Szen San Diego, California French/Business

Andrea Ching Tan Houston, Texas Computer Science

Lin Zhu Tan* Singapore Physics

Sonny Tiko* Cape Girardeau, Missouri Geology and History (Minor)

Douglas Tofa* Brasov, Romania Chemistry

Claudio Raul Guillermo Tsai† Torrance, California Psychology

Christian Tung* Dallas, Texas Biology

* Students whose names are followed by an asterisk are being graduated with honor in accordance

with a vote of the faculty.

Students whose names are followed by a dagger are close to completion and will receive diplomas

when all graduation requirements are met.

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  1. The interview with Dr. Aileen Parks seems to me to be out of place. Otherwise, the progression is good. You are holding my interest.

    James Hamilton

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